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Just enter your name Domain and ours Artificial intelligence from CapitánDATA (AI) will give you suggestions to find the indicated name of your business, but if you already know what extension of Domain search enter the domain name with its extension example



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The name of your brand in a Domain.

In CapitánDATA you can register your domain name in an easy way. You may want a new domain for your hosting or a client's website, or simply use a domain for your email. The new domains are ideal for your website or corporate mail and the registration price per year is cheap and fixed, when there is an increase we worry so that it is not noticeable and you can continue to enjoy good prices. New domains allow you have a unique name for your information, Register yours now.

Buying a domain for your website, easier than ever.

Registering a domain is one of the first steps to have a presence on the internet. For internet entrepreneurs who want to register many cheap domains, CapitánDATA It has special rates with price escalation according to the volume of domain. 

Protect your brand Registering your domain

With the low price of Registering a domain for your company, you have the peace of mind that your competition cannot use that name to offer their products. Due to the new extensions, they have mostly American jurisprudence, sometimes it is difficult to claim even if we have our registered trademark, in most cases entering long processes.

We have domain New ccTLDs, gTLDs, gTLDs and TLDs for your company domain, provide greater security of your brand At a low price. .

Tips for your Free Domain name

With a little patience you can find a good domain name to help your project grow.

    •  Search for short domain names.
    •  It should be easy to remember and pronounce.
    •  Avoid possible special characters.
    •  The names with keywords (keywords) help your search engine optimization.
    •  Search your name is different extensions.
    •  Try to avoid the use of numbers as much as possible.
    •  Do not use domains of already registered brands.


Our Hosting SSD they allow you to have several parked domains, in this way your website can load with different domain extensions. Register different extensions of your domain for your website, it's easy.

If you have many domains you can transfer them to CapitánDATA, with the VPS SSD your websites load faster than ever and with the highest valuation PageSpeed.


Every month, new domain extensions are added to the Internet. As soon as these are available, we put them at your disposal!


CapitánDATA se preocupa de forma prioritaria por darte solución efectiva y rápida a todos tus problemas. Abre un ticket desde tu área de cliente, ¡te atendemos de inmediato!


CapitánDATA pone a tu disposición un Panel de Control a través del cual gestionarás tu dominio de forma sencilla, rápida y gratuita.


From your panel you can create subaccounts and put access and data restrictions, you can register domains in the name of that subaccount without problems.